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Residential Roofing

Get The Right Roof For Your Home

Your home's first line of defence against climate is the roof.

This is where the quality of work done on your roof is crucial.

While there are many types of materials to consider when thinking of re-roofing, below are a few types that may play a roll in your decision.


This always seems to be a very popular choice.  There are a few reasons for this; they are durable, affordable, come in a variety of colors, can be repaired over time and the life span of this shingle tends to last longer because of Canada's cooler climate.


If beauty is what you are looking for, then this may be the shingle for you. These beautiful shingles have a blond or reddish color when installed, but over time they tend to turn light gray.


These shingles are not only known for their beauty and durability, but are also great at reducing heating and cooling costs, because they act as an additional layer of insulation.  So in those cold Canadian winters, they will help prevent heat from escaping your home.


They do take a bit longer to install than asphalt, but do well in withstanding rain and storms.  The life span on these is 30-50 years.


These are made from a fine grained rock and look extremely elegant. There is a vast assortment of colors they come in and are extremely fire resistant. They do very well in extreme climates and will not fade.  Slate is a much heavier material than your average asphalt shingle and therefore requires a very strong roof structure to sustain the weight.


They require little to no maintenance and will last 100+ years, if properly installed.


This sleek design seems to be a common favourite for homeowners for many reasons. For eco friendly homeowners, these are easily recyclable.


They are a light weight material which makes them easy to install. They have a high performance rating with insurance companies because of their durability and fire resistance.  Regardless of what you may have heard, this material is no noisier then any other roofing material. 

This choice will not only beautify your home but also add tremendous value. If properly installed, your roof will last 50+ years.

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